For years I roamed the world on a shoestring, from the Mongolian steppe to the jungles of Papua New Guinea. In those years, a flush toilet was cause for celebration.

Those days are now well behind me. But the spirit of adventure that has taken me to more than 100 countries as a travel addict and professional travel writer remains fierce. This website is for fellow travelers with a passion for experiencing remote places and the people and creatures who live in them —but also appreciate a plush duvet and superb pinot noir at day’s end.

Journeys to the edge don’t come cheap — especially if you value comfort and insightful guides. But there are options. Our rating system — Pure Luxury, High Splendor and Unexpected Comfort — is designed as a gauge of the relative pricing that often mirrors amenities and service.

The experiences featured here have been chosen for their uniqueness and quality. Advertisements and sponsored content will always be labeled clearly. Those messages have value; some of my most memorable trips initially were sparked by ads, social media posts and public relations releases. But editorial and advertising message come with different missions, and visitors to this website should be informed so they can make their own decisions.

Whether a place is new or familiar, every encounter is unique. One thing is sure: When you travel beyond the borders of your daily lives, things will not always go as expected. I’ve found that when I keep my mind open and go with the flow, the bumps become background noise, and the wonder will stays with me long beyond that delayed flight.

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Alone or with friends and family, travel has delivered my richest moments. May you love the wildness — of untamed landscapes, wildlife and escape from the everyday and escape from limits — as much as I do.

Jane Wooldridge

Editor & Publisher

Jane Wooldridge is a past winner of the prestigeous Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year award. She is also president-elect of the Society of American Travel Writers.